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Applying for a visa for Cuba: How does it work?

After reading this blog, you will soon know exactly

  • How and what to fill in on your Cuban tourist visa.
  • How long your visa for Cuba is valid and when its validity starts.

Tourist map for Cuba

A visa for Cuba is issued as a separate, physical card, also called a tourist card. So there will be no stamp or sticker in your passport.

In practice, it appears that obtaining a visa for Cuba is not that easy.

  • If you arrange the visa at the Cuban consulate, you must complete online forms, transfer money, make an appointment for collection and when the time comes, you must take all the necessary documents to the consulate in The Hague where the tourist card will be issued for you. is being put in order. This can take a long time.
  • Everyone must be present in person when collecting the visa at the Consulate (children excluded). Are you also getting the visa for your partner? Then you pay €25 extra! Oops..

Fortunately, it can be a lot faster, easier and cheaper. With us you can order the visa for Cuba without having to leave the house!

With us you can order a visa for Cuba cheaply, easily, from the bank and without providing your passport details. You will receive a blank visa. You can then fill in all the necessary information at your leisure, so we do not need any private information. Of course, the visa is valid if you complete it yourself!

What do I have to fill in on the visa for Cuba?

  1. Your surname as stated in your passport.
  2. Your first name as stated in your passport. Do you have multiple first names? You may fill this in, but only your first name is sufficient.
  3. Your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY).
  4. Your passport number, as stated at the top right of your passport.
  5. Your nationality, this may be in English, Spanish or as stated in your passport. (for example: Dutch, Bel)

This is how you fill in the left and right sides. This may simply be handwritten (write clearly) with a blue or black pen. Upon arrival in Cuba they will stamp the visa on the back and upon departure they will take the visa back.

You do not have to fill in a lot of information, but it is important that you do not make any mistakes when filling it out. You may not scratch or cross out the visa. Have you made a mistake? Please contact us, you will usually have to purchase a new visa. If you would rather not take any risks or find it easier, use our fill-in service.

Validity of the Cuban visa

The visas we sell come from the Cuban Consulate. The back of the visa has our logo, this is mandatory. The visa is not valid without a logo.

As a Destination Management Company for Cuba, Cuba Incentives may purchase and stamp the visas. Cuba Visa is part of Cuba Incentives.

The visa with this stamp is accepted in Cuba without any problems. Once you have entered the necessary information on the visa, the visa is ready. You don't have to do anything yourself anymore.

The visa itself has no validity period before you use it. The validity only starts when you arrive in Cuba, and from that moment it is valid for 90 days.

For this reason we do not need a departure date or flight details. We recommend ordering your visa in time, so that you have it ready for your trip to Cuba.


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